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Achilles Class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Type: strategic heavy cruiser
Length: 612 m
Beam: 272 m
Draft: 67 m
Speed: Warp 9.95
Armaments: 6 Pulse phaser cannons
5 Type XII phaser arrays
3 Quantum torpedo launchers
6 Micro-torpedo phalanx arrays
Defences: Deflector shields
Crew: 680
Achilles beauty

The Achilles-class was a type of strategic heavy cruiser in service with the Federation Starfleet during the 24th century. (Dominion Wars)


The Achilles class was designed as a response to a Starfleet design request for a "strategic heavy cruiser" (another example of Starfleet dancing around more militaristic terms, they were in essence asking for a battle cruiser), which were to be a new line of large "pulse phaser" cruisers. With the successful deployment of the pulse phaser cannon on the Defiant-class Starfleet wished to replicate this into a larger more powerful vessel. 

The Achilles was a fairly conservative design that followed the design lineage of the Intrepid and Sovereign classes. The saucer and engineering hull were directly connected with no neck. The nacelles were connected to the aft of the engineering section by struts at the top of that section that curved downwards, this placed the nacelles in line with the saucer section, resulting in a streamlined appearence.

The primary weapons on the Achilles were six pulse phaser cannons in two banks of three located on the front dorsal section of the saucer. The ship's other weapons' systems were three quantum torpedo launchers, two at the forward edge of the saucer and one launcher at the rear of the engineering section. The ship also had five Type-XII phaser arrays, two located dorsally and two ventral arrays on the saucer as well as a ventral array on the engineering hull. The ship also had a prototype weapon system installed, micro-torpedo Phalanx array. Mounted midway down the engineering section of the ship on the dorsal side the system covering the entire upper hemisphere of the ship. The array allowed the ship to combat multiple vessels with a devastating assault of micro-torpedoes while still keeping its forward firepower focused on a single target.


The Achilles prototype was launched in 2373 and test flights proved the vessel to be a excellent vessel. Following the Cardassian Union joining the Dominion Starfleet decided to put the class into production.

The next Achilles did not enter the fleet until after the war with the Dominion begun. Several of the vessels were assigned to Special Operations Command. The ship's formidable firepower, speed and stamina made them perfect ships for SOC operations in highly dangerous areas and for extended missions behind enemy lines. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "A Dreadful Operation", "Always on My Mind")

Background information

Several aspects of this ship have been changed from its game counterpart. The history has been adjusted to fit into Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity by making the class a design competitor for the Swiftsure-class, which is very similar to this class.

Its weapons have been changed as well. The game gives 2 launchers, 8 micro-torpedo arrays and 8 pulse phasers. However, on the model of the ship you can only see two banks of three micro-launchers and the pulse phasers are similarly in two banks of three, even the intro video shows these triple banks so these numbers were adjusted. As for the torpedo launchers, there seem to be two forward launchers in the nose of the saucer an extra was added to the fore and aft launchers. It also doesn't mention the phaser arrays on the model. Two are obvious on the top of the ship and while there are none others visible on the model extra arrays were added to provide a more complete weapons' coverage.

Its crew figure was doubled as well to put it more inline for a vessel of its size.

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