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Star Trek: Swiftfire special
Vengeance cover
Season: Pre-season Special
Episode: N/A
Prod. code: SWF 02
Writer(s): JayLR
Original post date: 2000-12-20
re-released 2008-02-24
Stardate: 50762.2
Year: 2373
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The Darkness Within Deployment

Vengeance was the second story written for the Star Trek: Swiftfire universe. In 2008, the story went through a significant rewrite supplanting the original version.


Newly promoted Captain Jonathan Masters is ordered to take out his first command, the Akira-class, USS Swiftfire-A, out to hunt after a rogue Starfleet captain who is attacking Klingon targets. Captain Masters is forced to hunt for a old friend with orders to do whatever it takes to stop him.

Memorable quotes

"Stardate 50762.2, with the authority granted to me by Starfleet Command I’m commissioning the USS Swiftfire NCC-76125-A and placing it under your command, Captain Masters."
Admiral Eric Austin giving Captain Jonathan Masters command of the USS Swiftfire-A.

"Innocent! Don’t make me laugh. These are Klingons we are talking about; there are no innocent Klingons. They are savages who murder others to enhance some barbaric notion of honour! They have spent the last year beating their chests, threatening us and killing us! It is time for justice for those who have lost and been lost!"
Captain Alexander Whiting to Captain Masters

"What is the loyalty of one individual when compared to that of an entire Federation?"
Cathy Whiting's spectre on the strength of Masters' loyalty.

"One last thing; duty and loyalty are not everything, not if it leaves you alone. Don’t let it happen, it can destroy you."
— Whiting's final words to Masters.

Background information

  • Originally written for as a story focusing on revenge for a school assignment the story turned out to be far too long for the 1,000 word limit and could not be cut to an acceptable length. It was (pre-2008) the shortest Star Trek: Swiftfire story at a third of the average length and just over half the length of the second shortest.
  • The lack of the entire senior staff in the original version was due to the line up for the series not been finalised at the time this story was written.
  • The following main characters make their first appearance, Pavlo Celcho, Susan Core, Karak and Nikki Whitechapel. Also the minor recurring characters of Rear Admiral Jennifer Douglas, Admiral Eric Austin and General G'tor make their first appearance.



Austin, EricCelcho, PavloCore, SusanDouglas, JenniferG'torGowronKarakMarshal, ToddWhiting, AlexanderWhiting, Cathy


Belis IVCursa systemFederation-Klingon borderNug'kaNug'ka systemQo'noSTy'GokorUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Starships and vehicles

Akira-classUSS AriesUSS BougainvilleExcelsior-classUSS FuryGalaxy-classUSS GorkonK't'inga-classKel'var-classKlingon Bird-of-PreyUSS KnoxMediterranean-classUSS ResolutionUSS SwiftfireUSS VentureUSS VirgoUSS WinstonZodiac-class

Races and cultures


States and organisations

59th Tactical WingDominionFifth FleetHouse of G'torKlingon Defence ForceKlingon Fourth Battle GroupKlingon IntelligenceStarfleet CommandStarfleet Intelligencetask force


auto-destructescape podFederation-Klingon War (2372-2373)Khitomer Accordsnightmareorbital bombardmentphoton torpedoprefix codequantum torpedowarp trail

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